How do I use DryTab?

Step 1: Open the lid of the flush tank.
Step 2: Drop the DryTab inside Tank.
Step 3: Close the lid.

DryTab starts working in half an hour after installation

Why should I use DryTab?

I already use tablets which I drop into the cistern (in-cistern toilet tablets)

A: Let’s compare:

Concerns Ordinary Toilet Cleaner DryTab
Drop in? ✔ ✔
Lasts Long?

150 to 200 flushes (that is about 2 to 3 weeks)


1000 flushes (that is about 3 to 4 months)

Uniform results?

Chemical release varies within flushes.


Each flush releases controlled and consistent amount of cleaning chemical.

Safe for mechanical components inside the tank?

Strong chemicals damage the components, cause leak and significant replacement cost.


As the chemical is retained within the device, components are not exposed to chemicals.

Cost Effective?

Excessive usage of chemicals results in very short lifetime and high cost per flush.


Controlled and consistent release of chemical ensures good lifetime and low cost per flush.

Fit and forget

As the chemical continuously dissolves, users are required to flush regularly. If user does not flush regularly, they run the risk of damaging the components permanently

This is known as vacation syndrome.


DryTab does not require the user to flush regularly, saving cost both on water and chemical.

Does it work for all types of openable tanks?

Yes. It works for all types of openable tanks.

What is the minimum time required between flushes?

DryTab stores enough liquid in itself to be able to continuously flush twice, and requires 10 minutes for the third flush.

How does it work?

The mechanism works using hydraulic pressure and gravity.

Is it fit and forget?

Yes, it is fit and forget.

Any electronic triggers, sensors or batteries inside?

No. There are no electric/electronic components/batteries inside.

Does it not float?

No. It does not float.

Does it support cartridge?

No. It does not support cartridges.

Why is it not refillable?

It is a one-time use and throw device. We have a factory molded tablet fitted inside for optimized release of chemical. Hence it cannot be replaced.

How long does it last?

It lasts for 1000 flushes. In other words, for an average household of 4 members, it lasts for around 3 to 4 months.

What material is used?

We use recyclable plastic.

Does it kill bacteria?

Yes, it kills 99.45% of S.typhi and 99.31% against E.coli.