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He has received various awards First Indian to receive the World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva - “WIPO Medal for inventors” in the year 2015.

Top Individual for Patents award from CII and Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the year 2014.

The Indian Citizen securing Highest Number of Patents in the year 2009, an award instituted by the CII and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Government of India

V R Raghunathan - Chief R&D Vaata Smart Ltd

An Inventive Entrepreneur, with records of significant achievements, inventions and creative contributions in Electrical and Electronics field, specifically in Wind Energy Management. In a career spanning two and a half decades, his contributions have become the current wind energy industry’s technology and business models.

2016 06 IP Awards Collage (1)

Vaata Smart Limited

Vaata’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of common people through the effective utilization of science and technology.

Vaata’s dream started with the realization that wind is a free and naturally abundant resource that belongs to every one of us. By enabling the common man to use wind energy for his electricity needs, we would not only empower him to be energy independent but also enable him to benefit economically from the free resource given to him by nature.

Vaata strongly believes that through focused R&D and technology innovation, the cost of generation of electricity from wind can be brought down to a level less than the cost of generation from conventional sources. We work towards this goal, hoping to create a better tomorrow by improving, sharing and utilizing technology.

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